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Animal Communication

White Cat

I connect with animals in the same way I connect with Spirit, with telepathy. Animals have emotions and a life force energy. I can hear their thoughts and feel their emotions and translate into words what's coming through to help you better understand and communicate with your pets. I've been an animal empath since I was a small child. My life has been saved more than once by animals who came to my rescue. Once by our family's German shepherd when I was drowning in the pool at the age of two and again as a teenager when our dogs chased off an intruder coming into the home. I have a deep connection with animals and helping them is one of my life's missions. I can connect to your pet from an emailed photo or in-person, depending on your location and the severity of the situation. I also do energy work on animals and many times they will get a healing during their psychic communication session. Energy is all connected. Email me to find out more. 

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