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Channeled Messages

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Excerpt from a channeled message: 

"Our Soul's destiny is long and complex. It knows many twists and turns but it is always spiraling upwards towards transcendence. Our human minds tend to view things as good or bad, positive or negative, black or white. When actually, we come to experience this duality for the upward trajectory of our souls."


How it works:

I connect to your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit to bring forth messages in the form of automatic writing and direct voice channeling. I'm able to put my own thoughts and feelings aside and hear messages in my mind using telepathy. I will ask you to email me your questions as possibly send me a photograph of yourself or the person the reading is about. I can't guarantee who will come through and whether or not they will answer your questions how you expected, but I can say that the message that comes through will be one of hope and healing for the highest good of everyone involved. Once I have a message for you, I will email or call you to relay the message and get validation from you. 


 Session  -  $150


4 sessions - $520

Energy Healing

with Light Language

 Session  - $77

Channeled Messages

 Session - $77

Animal Communication

Session - $77

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