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Energy Healing with Light Language

Everything is made up of energy and has a vibration that actually has a language connected to it. Light is the language of the soul. Light Language, also known as Star Language, allows communication directly with pure Source energy without the interference of the mind and ego. It activates light codes in our DNA that can assist with healing on all levels. We are all made up of energy at the subatomic level. Energy is all connected as we’ve seen in quantum entanglement, what Einstein called, “spooky action at a distance.” Energy travels to and from us constantly. It needs to flow. Energy healings can strengthen your energetic body and help you heal any energy blockages in your physical body. It can help you release trauma stored in the body on a deep emotional level. 

Light Language is emerging more and more now but it is not a new phenomenon. Light Language was written about in biblical times and has been used throughout the centuries by indigenous cultures to connect with their star system and galactic families. We are multidimensional beings connected to all things. Light Language is a nonlinear form of communication that be understood telepathically but it goes beyond our human understanding of words. It is the language of the heart and can be felt deeply because it resonates with us on a soul level. People often say "it sounds familiar" or "feels like home." 



 Session  -  $150


4 sessions - $520

Energy Healing

with Light Language

 Session  - $77

Channeled Messages


 Session - $77

Animal Communication



Session - $77

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